“My Son loves the holiday camp. He gets so excited by it and often talks about it to all family and friends. He misses the swimming pool but we try to explain its not available due to COVID and lockdown. I wish a courtesy email could be sent to inform the holiday camp was taking place as my son has attended the camp previously as I have almost missed the opportunity to book his place. Thank you everyone!” 

“My Son absolutely loves attending your camp. His only one complaint is that he cannot go swimming, but that has not been your fault but due to the pandemic in hand. Other than that he always asks when he will be attending again and ensures that I know when to book the next sessions. He is very much looking forward to next half term so that he can see you all again. Keep up the great work!”

“Efficient booking, and responsive to queries prior to camp. My Daughter had a great time, so that speaks for itself!”

“My Son enjoyed the mixture of indoor & outdoor physical activities & socialising with the other children & staff, thank you for organising”

“Can't wait for swimming and horse riding to be back on the program.”

''This was my Daughters first experience of Aspire and despite the restrictions on things due to Covid, she thoroughly enjoyed it. I was especially impressed by the hugely warm welcome we received that morning from the two young women on the reception desk - they were delightful and really put my Daughter at ease given it was her first experience at Aspire. We have had really mixed experiences at holiday camps before, most of them sadly negative, so its wonderful to be able to have a positive experience and one I can recommend to other parents''.

R Blake    Easter half term 2021.