Every quarter, members of the Aspire Leisure Centre Management Team meet with a team of representatives who are stakeholders such as Basilian, Candoco, RNOH and trainers. In addition, the group is also made up of members who have been attending for many years, use a variety of services and are able to gather and give feedback to others. 

If you have any feedback that you would like discussed at the next meeting you can pass this on to any of the representatives or the management team.

Dean Tearle - Centre Manager is the chair and minutes of the previous meeting can be found on this page.

Next customer forum meeting: 29th January 2020 

Read our latest Customer forum meeting minutes here from 13th November 2019.

Meet your Aspire Customer Forum Representatives:

Sandra Staffiero      

Aspire Member

Lynda Keane

BodyActif Representative

Sue Clarke        

Aspire Member

Sunil Ram

Basilian Representative

Alex Fogel  

Aspire Member

Vanessa Hodge          

Aspire Member

Karen Rawlins                 

RNOH Representative

Feel free to speak to any of your Customer Forum Representatives to let them know your feedback!