What times and days do you run the crash courses?

We run our crash courses at 3.30pm and 4pm. These are held Monday to Thursday (except where there is a bank holiday and then its Tuesday to Thursday). We run them in every school holiday except Christmas.

How much do they cost?

All fees are paid in advance for the full course. Course’s are between 3-4 days. The current costs per lesson are –

3 Day Crash Course:

Member = £25.50

Non-Member = £27.00

4 Day Crash Course:

Member = £34.00

Non-Member = £36.00

How many courses can I book on for?

You can book as many as you want.

Which stages do you run for the crash courses?

Our crash courses are held for children aged 3 years +. We run from Duckling to stage 3. In some of the school holidays we also run stroke technique course’s.