Unfortunately, our Fitness Instructor Neville Smith was involved in a serious bike accident in Watford on Wednesday 30th May just before 5pm.  He was forced off road by a cyclist coming towards him on the wrong side of the road who apparently proceeded to kick him as he went past.  Neville hit the curb, went over the handlebars and landed badly.  The cyclist didn’t stop but luckily a woman waiting nearby in her car witnessed this and came to help.

The incident happened on Bushey Mill Lane near the junction with Radlett Road. The police are appealing for anyone that may have seen what happened or saw the offender.  A picture of the bicycle is below.

Anyone with information should contact [email protected] quoting crime reference 41/2686/18

Neville has had surgery and is currently in St Marys Paddington.  Tasha and Victor went to visit him on Monday and he was very pleased to see them and seemed positive about his recovery. 

If any customers would like to send Neville messages / cards please hand them in at reception and we will arrange for them to be sent onto him.