We are sad to say that Myles Lake will be leaving Aspire on Monday 21st October. 

Before leaving, Myles has decided to share his experience of working for Aspire:

My time at Aspire

I joined Aspire in September 2017 after graduating from university two months earlier. I was aware Aspire is an inclusive centre but was amazed to see how the equipment is adapted for wheelchair users and other people with disabilities. Feeling welcomed by Aspire's staff and customers, I settled in quickly as a part-time fitness instructor. Within 5 months I accepted a full-time position in the gym and more opportunities followed.

In 2018, Victor my line manager offered me a place on the lifeguard course and I took it. This was new to me as I’ve never gained a qualification in the water and don’t consider myself a strong swimmer. After a week of first aid and rescue methods in the pool I passed the course. In hindsight I’m happy to have completed the course because my understanding of the pool area's policies and procedures has developed. This knowledge is important when managing and understanding colleague's roles. The course also improved my confidence when swimming.

Being trained as duty manager gave me more responsibilities and experience in managing people at work, these skills can be used going forward.  My passion was to complete the cardiac rehabilitation course allowing me to work with people who have heart disease as it is prevalent in my family. Victor supported me in my goal and pushed for me to go on the course. Having a keen interest in cardiac rehab helped throughout the course and lead to my success in completing the course. Working with customers at Aspire in cardiac rehab has been rewarding for the reason it has given me a sense of fulfilment. Receiving Employee of the Year 2019 was a surprise and a massive achievement as it shows my efforts have been recognised as well as doing a good job.  

Working with customers 1 to 1 has developed my people skills and enhanced my knowledge in a range of medical conditions/disabilities. Providing exercises for people who have many limitations can be challenging, therefore improving my problem solving skills. Over time working with customers and seeing progression gives me great satisfaction in my work. In addition, I see customers growing in confidence, feeling more empowered and being happy.

In my next role as a therapy technician, I will be working with patients in rehabilitation, liaising with physiotherapists and occupational therapists. I have wanted to work in a clinical setting; my next role allows me to do this.

I would like to thank all the Aspire staff for their support and help throughout my journey here. My time here has been great and a massive step in my career in the rehabilitation field. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have worked here.  

Thank you,

Myles Lake   

Myles will deeply missed by staff and customers alike at Aspire, but we wish him all the best in the future.