Graham Burns


Level 2 Fitness Instructor                                         Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 3 Nutrition                                                      Diploma in Nutrition

Level 3 programming for disabled clients                   Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes

Level 3 Exercise Referral                                          Suspension Training

Kettlebell Training                                                   Gold Level Schwinn IC Coach

Master Instructor Krank Cycle                                  Star 1 Spinning coach

Chair based exercise instructor

Experience:  I have worked at Aspire for over 20 years both as an employee and self-employed Personal Trainer. I have been a self-employed Personal Trainer with Aspire for 5 years and enjoy working with many clients with such a wide range of disabilities and fitness goals. I have taught many classes over the years and regularly instruct Monday Schwinn/Krank sessions at 5.15pm and the metafit classes at Aspire that run throughout the week.

To make an appointment with Graham email [email protected] 

Rhiannon Presley

Qualifications: Rhiannon Presley

BA Publishing Degree

GP Referral

Level 2 Gym/Fitness Instructor

Level 3 Personal trainer

Enhanced Kettlebells

Enhanced Suspension training

Enhanced Boxing

Enhanced Training systems

Enhanced Circuits

Dementia Training

First aid at work

Experience:  I have been working at Aspire for over a year now and as such I have gained a lot of experience working with people with many different abilities. Thanks to my qualifications and the encouragement of my colleagues I have been able to grow my skills and find my own way of adapting programmes to suit needs.

About me: From a young age I have always loved taking part in sports. At age eleven I was the St Albans county basketball captain and returned the following year to help coach the younger players. After these two years I found netball, and played competitively for six years, while also running 200 metres at district competitions.

During my time at University I was on the rowing team for one year, before retiring due to injury. I then finished my university sporting career on the lacrosse team.

Since leaving university I have become a keen runner and will be taking part in the Silverstone half marathon in March 2017, the Milton Keynes marathon in May and the St Albans half in June 2017.

My role at Aspire: At Aspire I am the GP Referral lead instructor and thus I handle both the administrative side and the training.

The usual procedure is that GPs give their patients a referral that they are able to use in facilities throughout Harrow. Those that chose Aspire will then contact me to make an initial appointment with their allocated instructor. The instructor will design them an appropriate programme and induct them to the gym so that they can become independent in their exercise regime. The instructor will guide and advise the client as best they can over a three month period, to help them towards their goals. At the end of this time if the client has engaged well they get an additional six months on the scheme, this will then lead on to them becoming a member.

In addition to leading the GP Referral I give general inductions to new members and take Assisted Exercise sessions for people with disabilities.

To make an appointment with Rhiannon email: [email protected] or call the Fitness team on 020 8420 6719.

Lynda Keane                                                                                                                                    


Sports Rehabilitation and injury prevention degree

Masters Degree in Soft Tissue Therapy and Exercise Rehabilitation

Experience:  Lynda is senior tutor in aquatic fitness for Hydro-Actif in the UK, writing and presenting specialist workshops.  She also guest lectures at Middlesex University on aquatic rehabilitation. Lynda has presented to Aston Villa Football Club on aquatic rehabilitation, training their physiotherapists in aquatic techniques for elite athletes. Lynda is the owner of AquaStretch™ UK, the highly accredited aquatic therapy in the USA and is currently working with one of the UKs potential Paralympic athletes.

My role at Aspire: I have worked at Aspire for over 20 years and have taught aquatic fitness for all that time. I have specialised in aquatic rehabilitation since graduation in Sports rehabilitation and injury prevention in 2008. Since then I have completed my Masters, I treat clients with a variety of conditions. I say I am a rest of life specialist, once clients have finished with physio and have to manage their conditions for the rest of their life that is where I step in. I will design and write an exercise programme for my clients to do alone or with my guidance. Aspire is a leisure centre like no other it specialises in being all inclusive and is based in the grounds of Stanmore Orthopaedic Hospital. I therefore get many clients who are recovering from surgery or have a disability and it is my job to help my clients live as pain free as possible and to maintain/improve their quality of life.

To make an appointment to see Lynda please call her on 07535 718817.