7th February 2024

Dear members,

The past two weeks have been incredibly busy for me and the team launching the new booking system. We know that its not gone as smoothly as we would have liked, and we did expect a few hiccups along the way. I really want to thank you all for your patience and feedback. 

I have gone back to ClubRight with some initial feedback:

  • One too many steps to get to the checkout.
  • Waiting list is not easily visible if you are on it.
  • The ability to switch off booking confirmation emails.
  • The ability to add bookings to your calendar.

We are also still working on the QR code scanner for the gym and reception and hope to have these working soon. Once they are working, we really want everyone to make sure they check in using the QR code, inputting your membership number or at reception.

It is important to let you know the reason for the change of booking system. Over the past few years, we have numerous technical issues especially with our card machines. From a receptionist’s point of view they would constantly have to switch between two booking screens and email, manually copy and paste email addresses for the Zoom links and manually move members from the waiting list to a class. We also had to rely heavily on the Operations Manager to make changes to bookings.  

Our new system is all in one place, it has a message centre, will automatically set up Zoom links and email you these, we have the ability to send app notifications and emails to groups of members rather than blanket messages to everyone and it is a lot more cost effective, saving the charity money.

Please remember to email [email protected] to freeze or cancel your memberships or if you have any queries.

In other news:

Our brand-new Technogym spin bikes are due to arrive week of 12th February. There will be no classes Monday to Friday whilst we re-decorate the room and install the new bikes.

The gym changing rooms are almost complete and will give a much nicer experience. 

I will aim to update this page on a regular basis.

Thank you,

Dean Tearle

Aspire Leisure Centre Manager