How do we know whether our child has passed/failed each stage?

You can access our online portal. With this you can see what your child is working towards in their stage and what they have passed on and what needs more working on, to be able to pass that stage. When a child is marked as passed on their current criteria we will then contact you to discuss options to moving your child up. We cannot guarantee we can offer you a class on the same day or similar to a sibling.

I have another child who I would like to attend lessons, do they get any priority?

Yes, all siblings get priority and get placed at the top of the waiting list.

What are the term dates?

They can be found on the notice board and on the website. They will be similar to the Harrow schools dates.

When can I make changes to my lesson times?

You can change your lesson time, subject to availability, up until the half term. After this date no changes can be made in order to make sure our teachers are able to fully assess the pupils and to ensure all children are provided with the best opportunity to develop.

What is the renewal process from one term to another?

If you are set up on direct debit you will be automatically moved over to the new term on your current day. The time of the class will likely be the same however these times are subject to change.

If you pay upfront for the term (subject to Swimschool manager’s decision), you will then be asked to make full payment by a certain date before the next term starts. 

If you wish to make changes to the time or day you have been allocated you can reply back to the email requesting the change however this is not guaranteed. If we cannot action this we will then add this to our wish list as a request.

Why has my swimming lesson time changed for the next term?

We review our Swimschool timetable on a regular basis to work with the availability and pool space we have.

Swimming Lessons