How do we know whether our child has passed/failed each stage?

You will receive a report from your child’s swimming teacher in letters out week. To pass each stage you need to meet the expected standard for all the criteria for that stage (this is listed on your report). If there is an x, ½ or an item is left blank this means the child needs to complete a further term at this current stage. The ASA say that the average time in any stage is 2-3 terms, this increases to 3-4 terms for some of the higher stages where the criteria gets much harder. Some children may progress quicker than this, however others may take longer.

I have another child who I would like to attend lessons, do they get any priority?

Yes, all siblings get priority and get placed at the top of the waiting list.

What are the term dates?

They can be found on the notice board and on the website. They will be similar to the Harrow schools dates.

When can I make changes to my lesson times?

You can change your lesson time, subject to availability, up until the half term. After this date no changes can be made in order to make sure our teachers are able to fully assess the pupils and to ensure all children are provided with the best opportunity to develop.

What is the renewal process from one term to another?

During letters out week you will receive a renewal letter with information for the following term day/time that you have been allocated. For children attending group lessons and one to ones you will also receive a report that will go through what has been achieved during the term.

If you wish to make changes to the time or day you have been allocated this can be done during booking week only.

Payment must be made by the payment deadline stated in the renewal letter to secure the slot.

Letters out/Booking week/payment deadline can be found on the notice board.

Why has my swimming lesson time changed for the next term?

Our lesson programme has to change each term to take in to consideration the new stages pupils require after moving up. We are only able to hold 4 out of the 8 different stage at once, which means sometime the lesson times have to change. We try our best to keep times as similar as we can, but it is not always possible.

Swimming Lessons