I have been attending the Aspire gym for years.

I had no idea before my accident, when organising a charity Fete in the main hall for the Lions Club of Edgware, that I would end up in the same hospital as the Aspire gym.


When I first came here, what struck me was there were a number of people with a range of disabilities, often struggling with simple things but always with a smile.


I have met and made friends with older people who have experienced a full life and continuing to enjoy and younger people with disabilities who face challenges but are not giving up. For example, the older friends show me how they are still enjoying the seated exercise with Linda, seated Zumba with Rachel, Body and Stretch with Betty and Tai Chi with Stephen.

I have also made so many other friends, younger and with six packs if I may say so!

We discuss investing and building in Brazil with Imran, a holiday guide all in one and how to decorate our back gardens. We laugh at ourselves while pushing each other to do better. We meet up after gym for lunches. I have to say that all my friends are truly inspiring!


I have fitness training with Victor who does not waste a second. While exercising each movement, he gives me  an explanation of how it’s helping my body. Where I need to work more.

Victor has helped me bring my blood pressure down so that I did not have to go onto medication.  I Wish we had more time to train. Victor has fitness on his brain and makes u never forget it. He is a hard task master, always cracking the whip and making sure I am working out! My friend says he is a handsome man so the pain is worth it!


Aaron and Ken, both in their 20's are fitness trainers who I train with from time to time.

Their method is quite different and being so young, they push you to a new level. Both also love sharing their life. For me that's an added bonus. Not having children of my own they give me the drive to go back to my youth. They make me enjoy music, travel, sports and a lot more.

I encourage all my relatives and friends to join the gym. I encouraged my friend to join last year and she loves the gym so much. She even managed to get a photo with Victor in the Aspire leaflet which didn’t amuse me since I have being a member for years! It’s NOT a place to get that zero figure but to ACHIEVE that all round in your life!!