Would you like to participate in a Focus Group? Introducing On The Mend! On The Mend is a Digital Health Technology company that is to supporting people undergoing physical rehabilitation. They have built a mobile application to which gives you easy access to video footage of your exercises and information on how many times you need to complete them each day. It also allows you to keep track of the exercises you’ve completed and to share your progress with your healthcare professionals. How can you help?Anyone who is interested can share their feedback on the app by participating in a focus group with the On The Mend team. There will be two sessions, one virtual and one in-person, taking place in the Stanford Room at the Aspire Leisure Centre. Virtual Focus Group:Location: Microsoft TeamsDate: Tuesday 24th MayTime: 6pm-7pm In-person sessionLocation: Stanford RoomDate: Wednesday 25th MayTime: 10am-11am Everyone is welcome so if you’re interested in participating, please email [email protected]We need your feedbackWe are On The Mend, a Digital Health Technology startup with the ambition to revolutionise the way patients are supported throughout their physical rehabilitation.We know how challenging going through physical rehab can be, and that weeks or months between appointments with healthcare professionals can lead to confusion about what exercises to be doing and how often. We’ve built a mobile application to support people every day to take another step forward in their recovery journey. The application will also enable you to connect with your healthcare professional so they can see the progress that you are making and support you with any challenges you might be facing.What the product does:Onboarding is quick and easy – this can be done in a clinic with your healthcare professional in a few quick stepsEnables you to record your own exercises, tailored to your needs by your physiotherapist and stored on your phone or tablet, so you are confident and comfortable with how to do the movements safelyProvides an easily accessible video recording of your exercises and how many times you need to complete them each dayProvides daily motivational messages to keep you on track with your physical rehab planEnables you to track how you are feeling each day and how you are finding your rehab experience - this information is shared with your healthcare professional, so they are able to support you more quickly, and more effectivelyHow you can help:We are looking for people from all walks oflife to review our newly built product andprovide feedback using our quick and easilyaccessed survey.Simply type the following url in your browser:https://tinyurl.com/otmppi