Hi, my name is Kenny and I am a part time Fitness Instructor at Aspire Leisure Centre. In my spare time, I enjoy climbing.

When I first started climbing, my friend invited to me to join him at the local bouldering centre in Edgware which was just over 2 years ago. Now I train all over London from the Arch Climbing CentreHarroWall and the Castle Climbing Centre to name a few.

I train 6-7 times a week:

4-5 days climbing on the wall
2-3 days home workout ( TRX and mobility work)

Last February I was invited to a GB climbing selection day and I was selected to join the GB Para climbing team.
I qualify for the Para climbing team because I had a stroke 5 years ago ( Left side weakness) and this is something I am extremely proud of.

Within the Para climbing team, there are all different types of categories from visual impairment to upper and lower amputee.

I am in the RP1 category which stands for Limited Range, Power or Stability.

I have 3 aims within climbing:

Firstly to win a medal and the world championship in September.

Secondly to get more disabled people climbing.

Thirdly to will a medal in the 2020 Paralympics.

If you are at all interested please do come and see me when I am working.

Thank you