We have now made some changes to the gym booking system following feedback from members and also to help us in the long term for when hopefully all restrictions can be lifted.

Each gym booking is 1 hour.

At the start of each day we have 15 spaces available to be booked and then 5 spaces become available every 20 mins.

This removes the need for everyone to vacate the gym after each session and allows members to book 2 continuous hours.

*You do not need to book all 3 20 min slots if you want to stay one hour.

We have then programmed in 2 closures during the day for cleaning. These times are generally the quietest time for us.

Prior to the this lockdown we found members spraying anti-bac directly on to the screens causing damage to the treadmills which is not covered under warranty. You will now find spray bottle in and around the gym for use but please do not spray directly on to any screens.

We will of course review how this is working and change at a later date if we need to so please give the team your feedback and let us know how it works.

Thank you


Dean Tearle

Centre Manager