Aspire opened its doors again to premier members on 25th July 2020, as we are trying to do everything we can to keep staff, customers and other users safe at Aspire.

Spaces in the classes are limited however Premier Members will be able to take part virtually using Zoom on a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. All you need to do is book on to the Zoom only option at least 2 hours in advance and the link will be emailed to you an hour before the class starts.

*please note if you book on to Zoom option after the 2 hour cut off you might not receive the link. 

** there is no Zoom option for Aqua or spin

***some class times are subject to change

Monday 7:00am Spin Graham 07/09/2020
Monday 9:30am Zumba Debjani 07/09/2020
Monday 11:00am Pilates Candy 07/09/2020
Monday 2:15pm Aqua Sarah 07/09/2020
Monday 2:00pm Chair Based Betty On now
Monday 6:15pm Spin Jay On now
Monday 8:00pm Pilates Emily On now

Tuesday 7:00am Spin Graham 07/09/2020
Tuesday 9:15am Aqua Blast Sarah On now
Tuesday 9:30am Body Con Danny 01/09/2020
Tuesday 11:00am Stretch, Tone & Relax Danny 01/09/2020
Tuesday 12:30pm Zumba Michelle 01/09/2020
Tuesday 2:00pm Pilates Liz On now
Tuesday 6:20pm Yoga Bhavna On now
Tuesday 7:00pm Aqua  Liz L 01/09/2020
Tuesday 8:10pm LBT Eon 01/09/2020

Wednesday 7:30am Zumba Debjani 02/09/2020
Wednesday 9:00am Yoga Shailesh On now
Wednesday 9:15am Aqua Liz S On now
Wednesday 1:30pm Seated Stretch & Relax Betty 09/09/2020
Wednesday 6:15pm 20/20/20 Jacquie 02/09/2020
Wednesday 7:00pm Aqua Jan 02/09/2020
Wednesday 7:35pm Yoga Parita On now

Thursday 7:00am Spin Graham 10/09/2020
Thursday 9:15am Aqua Liz L 03/09/2020
Thursday 9:40am Pilates Jane On now
Thursday 12:00pm Tai Chi Amanda 10/09/2020
Thursday 1:30pm Seated Dance Rachel 03/09/2020
Thursday 6:15pm Spin Jay 03/09/2020
Thursday 7:40pm Pilates Candy On now

Friday 7:00am Yoga Priya 11/09/2020
Friday 9:15am Aqua Calm Lynda On now
Friday 9:30am Body Sculpt Eon 04/09/2020
Friday 2:30pm Seated Tai Chi Steven On now

Saturday 7:00am Spin Dennis 05/09/2020
Saturday 8:00am Spin Dennis 05/09/2020
Saturday 9:30am Pilates Jane On now
Saturday 11:00am Pilates Jane On now
Saturday 1:00pm Powerhoop Michelle 13/09/2020

Sunday 8:15am Spin Dennis On now
Sunday 11:15am Yoga Bhavna On now
Sunday 1:00pm Pilates Priya 06/09/2020

All classes will be bookable online or via the Aspire App 10 days in advance. You can also email [email protected] 10 days prior to the class starting.