Dear members

With the prospect of an extension to the un-locking of Covid restrictions and due to the amount of members on our waiting lists we would like to trial the following this week:

“Aqua Class – Arrive Aqua ready and go”

This would allow for an additional 8 spaces per class for the Aqua classes that we are currently running.

Members MUST arrive ready to get in the pool and will be issued a basket to put their clothes in. You will NOT be permitted to use the changing rooms afterwards and can leave via the pool fire exit.

You can also still join the waiting list for the Aqua class and will be allocated a space if one becomes available so you can use the changing rooms.

 If you have already got a space in the Aqua class, you can use the changing rooms and showers. It is just those booked on the swim ready session that cannot use the facilities. 

We will review this at the end of the week so please let us have any feedback.


Thank you

Dean Tearle

Centre Manager