Management Team

Meet the Aspire Leisure Centre Management Team, including Dean Tearle, Leigh Hewitt and Helen ClackRead more

Swimschool & Kidz Zone team

Meet Aspire Leisure Centre's Swimschool Manager, Kidz Zone and Swimschool Administrators and Swimming InstructorsRead more

Maintenance Team

Meet Aspire Leisure Centre's Duty ManagersRead more

Pool Team

Meet Aspire Leisure Centre's Pool Team Leader and Leisure Assistants including Patryk Cichewicz, Conrad Mondesir-James, Jake Lindsay, Ray O'Toole, Amy Nesbitt, Shakil Boyd.Read more

Fitness Team

Meet Aspire's Fitness Team Leader, instructors and volunteers, including Victor Nino, Eon Walters, Liz Bord, Neville Smith, Mike Lee, Helen Seaward, Aaron Collins, Kenny Ellacott and Myles LakeRead more

Customer Services

Meet Aspire's Customer Services Team Leader and Customer Service Advisors, including Alison Larkin, Chris Weightman, Meg Kerai, Navneet Singh and Shanice WilsonRead more

Privacy Policy

Aspire's privacy policy regarding how we process data and share informationRead more

Swimschool: crash courses

Find out about the swimming crash courses run by SwimschoolRead more

Swimschool: Current Pupils

Information for current pupils of Swimschool about swimming lessonsRead more

Swimschool: General Questions

General questions about our Swimschool and swimming lessonsRead more