We have noticed a lot of news articles recently with swimming pools having to close due to a shortage of swimming pool chemicals and felt it was important to make you aware of the situation.Our pool chemical supplier is one of the market leaders and stated that the war in Ukraine has added to the very challenging conditions already caused by Covid and Brexit. They also said that container and labour shortages, the Suez Canal blockage and increasing energy prices have led to severe disruptions in global supply chains.In October we came close to having to close the pool following the petrol shortage. The cost of chemicals has also increased, and Chlorine particularly has gone up by 100%. The team at Aspire have been pro-actively been managing our chemical supplies and ordering with plenty of notice, we have a small emergency supply, use of Ultraviolet (UV) system so the pool requires less chemical and we are maintaining good communications with our account manager.You can help us too! Where possible please do the following:

  • Use the toilet before swimming
  • Have a pre-swim shower
  • Wear a swimming hat

We hope that there will not be the need to close the swimming pool for any period of time however it is a possibility if we are unable to take delivery of pool chemicals.

Kind regardsDean TearleCentre Manager