Daniel has been a member of Aspire for approximately 10 years and hear of Aspire through a friend. 

He uses the gym 2-3 times a week. Daniel Enjoys coming to Aspire due to the friendliness of the instructors. 

Daniel's Main story is: 

About 8 years ago Daniel has some pressure in his chest and was told that he needed to cardiac surgery. After attending Cardiac Rehab at Barnet hospital he returned to Aspire. Liz our cardiac instructor told him that he was unable to exercise until she found out more about his condition. Once Liz had more information she made a programme for Daniel to work too. Gradually Liz increased the intensity of the programme until he was able to return to his normal routine which he had been doing for some years before having surgery. 

The Doctor at Barnet who is treating him says he now looks very fit for his age, Daniel told him of his training and was told by the doctor to keep it up. 

Well done Daniel and keep up the good work.