Lynda is a member of: British Association of Sports Rehabilitators & Therapists (BASRaT), Sports Therapy Association (STA) & Royal Society of Medicine (RSM). Lynda is now offering treatments from her room at Aspire Leisure Centre. 

Massage Treatments
Massage is an ancient holistic therapy involving the manipulation of the soft tissues within the body. Massage techniques include sports massage, remedial massage, myofascial release and manual lymphatic drainage.
Sports massage treatment uses deep manipulation of the soft tissue to correct problems & imbalances within the soft tissue caused by physical activity and repetitive compensatory movement patterns. 
Benefits from massage can include:

  • Breakdown of adhesions (knots) within soft tissue
  • Improves soft tissue pliability
  • Improves athletic performance and recovery
  • Speeds up workout recovery
  • Reduces muscle tightness and pain
  • Reduces levels of stress & anxiety
  • Increase joint range of movement
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Can reduce pain

Please contact Lynda preferably via WhatsApp on 07535718817 or email [email protected]