We are informing you of a change to our booking conditions which will come into effect on 1st January 2021.

Since the government guidelines put restrictions in place on leisure centres and gyms we introduced a booking system for gym and swimming. This was already in place for our fitness classes. From July we have noticed a growing number of members bookings activities and then not cancelling or turning up causing members that do want to come to the centre to be understandably frustrated. This was also highlighted in the feedback we received from Novembers member survey.

From 1st January, if you do not turn up to a gym, swim or class that you have booked for , or, cancel with less than an hours’ notice, a £2 debt will be put on to your account and you will be unable to book anything else until this has been paid.

This is a measure we already have in place for our fitness classes and this gives us enough time to contact members from the waiting list to inform them of the space. The change will allow enough time for other members to come swimming and to the gym.

We thank you for your understanding and for all of your support this year. Please remember to keep up to date with information on our website and app.


Thank you


Dean Tearle

Centre Manager