A quick guide to renewing for next term
There is no assessment week. This term students are being assessed continuously. 

Tara will then contact you to discuss available options to move up in the term, as well as informing you to collect students badge and certificate.
No movements will be made from 1st July and the timetable is unlikely to change. 

If you pay by direct debit there is no need to do anything and you will not need to fill in a new mandate form. 

For customers that paid termly, you will be required to sign up to direct debit. A mandate form will be emailed directly to you on Saturday 7th July and must be completed by Saturday 14th July. 

If you no longer wish to continue your swimming lessons, please email the team [email protected] by Monday 9th July. 

Reports will be emailed to you on the 17th and 18th July. 
To request a different lesson time or day for next term, please email the team with your current lesson details, name of student and preferred lesson time for next term from 08.00am on Monday 16th July. 

During the priority booking window, we have a high number of emails. Please send one request only and then wait to be contacted as sending the same email will delay responses.
Bookings for siblings will be taken from Monday 30th July from 10:00am. 

Please include full name of sibling already swimming with us, including a contact number. Please include new student’s full name, date of birth, stage needed, days that can be attended and any medical conditions.